More Three-Sentence Stories

Another Flash Fiction Challenge from Terrible Minds. This one calls for three-sentence stories written from the perspective of animals. I have written three so far - the first a bit tongue-in-cheek (and also not entirely in keeping with the request for all stories for this challenge to be PG-13), and the others more serious.


Yes, mom, you’re right.

I know, I shouldn’t have done it.

But damn it – the little bitch ate my porridge!


“Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?”

I’ve heard your children sing it, and it echoes crazily through my head now as I run desperately across the tundra, away from the helicopters and guns and the bloodied corpse of my mate.

For the truth is I fear you far more than you could ever fear me, and my only hope now is that my children will ever have the chance to sing at all.


Dance, they say, and I do, lifting my scarred paws in memory of the hot iron plates they trained me with, the rope jerking painfully through the raw wound in my nose.

But I do not dance for you — I follow the steps of an older dance known only to my kind, for renewal and rebirth, making an offering of my pain to the Bear Mother in hopes that one day, if enough of us dance it, the concrete and buildings, metal and glass, will be sloughed away like a shed winter coat, and the land beneath will be as it was before you came.

One paw in front of the other, no matter how much it hurts: dance, dance, dance.