100 Words

Another Flash Fiction Challenge from Terrible Minds — this one was to write a complete story using only five sentences and no more than 100 words. I wrote two.


Yes, I'm aware of the significance the hill has in local folklore - they say it's a sidhe-mound, a dwelling of the fairy folk.

And I've seen all the protests and petitions demanding my company spare the site, but they mean nothing to me, because there's only one thing I care about right now - and contrary to public opinion, it's not profit.

Only one thing will hold back the bulldozers and excavators, stop the hill from being levelled. Only one group has that power.

But they haven't responded, no matter how many times I've begged them: give back my baby.



"Why did you do it, Julie?" The doctor's voice is gentle, like Mommy's used to be before the fire, before they took me away.

I whisper my answer, again, the only answer I ever give, but I know she doesn't believe me.

"Julie, there are no such things as monsters - you know that, don't you?"

But there are - it's just that sometimes they look like Daddy.