Novel in 90, and 60k

Confession time: the pace of my progress on the novel slowed down considerably after NaNoWriMo ended, and I wasn't happy about that. Apparently having some kind of external accountability helps a lot when it comes to getting me motivated... So I've now joined a Livejournal community called Novel in 90, which has the goal of writing a novel (or 67,500 words worth of one, at least) in 90 days, by writing 750 words a day. And while I haven't completely met the daily targets, I've at least been writing more than I was before, and broke the 60,000 word mark the other day (not in the sense of writing 60,000 words just during that 90 days, but as a whole - I was at 50-something before I joined, so it's not all that much yet). And I'm hoping to be able to catch up and start genuinely making it a daily discipline. We'll see...

Anyway, to celebrate hitting the 60k mark, here's a brief excerpt:

Brianna smiled as Omar settled in with a file box, glad that they all seemed to be pretty much in agreement. But somehow, she couldn’t shake that slight feeling that there was something wrong about all this. That faint sense she’d had when Brett first raised the idea of becoming TERA’s ED, that it was a bad one despite all the ways in which it sounded good, and more than that, that the events unfolding around them all fit into some kind of pattern she just hadn’t been able to see yet, wouldn’t leave her mind. Something was going on here, of that she was certain. Something more than what events appeared to be on the surface. She just wished she had some idea what.